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BVALVE Flow, Systems & Controls

BVALVE Flow, Systems & Controls
Stand E335 / F335
Enclosure Fira de Cornellà

Travessa de Peralta 5A P.I. I1
46540 – El Puig (Valencia

Bvalve Flow Systems & Controls has achieved an outstanding leading role in the flow systems on Control Markets (control valves, industrial valves, safety valves and process instrumentationl).Our main values are: experience, quality products and customer service. The experience and know-how allows us to identify customer needs and select the proper solutions. The quality of our products provide outstanding safety and guarantee.


ATEX rules consulting

Bursting discs

Butterfly valves

Ceramic ball valve for solids

Explosion Isolation

Explosion Suppression

Fire special valves

Flame fighters

Segment valve to load reactors

Shut-off valves

Vent Panels

Bvalve – Spain

Fujikin – Germany

Gefa – Germany

Ramen – Sweden

Rembe – Germany

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