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AURA Industrial Safety Systems

AURA Industrial Safety Systems
Stand E351 / P351 / F351
Enclosure Fira de Cornellà

Via Augusta 82 Planta 3
08006 – Barcelona

We offer a specialized service for the design and supply of pressure relief systems using Rupture Discs and explosion protection with Vent Panels and flameless venting. We will help you sizing those devices following either European and American standards. We also perform calorimetry tests to find out the likelihood of a runaway reaction and sizing the vent accordingly. We will help you to protect and isolate against explosions in those scenarios not covered or out of the boundary of the standa

Bursting discs


Flame fighters

Vent Panels

FAUSKE – United States


Hoerbiger – Austria

IEP – Germany

ZOOK – United States

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