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Russell Finex

Russell Finex
Stand E156 / F156
Enclosure La Farga de L'Hospitalet

Russell House, Browells Lane, Feltham
TW13 7EW – London
United Kingdom

With over 85 years’ experience in manufacturing the best technological solutions for the handling and processing of fluids, solids, bulk materials and dry powders, Russell Finex offers a range of innovative filtration, sieving and separation equipment to meet the needs of companies in industrial processes across a range of sectors. With offices around the globe,Russell Finex has a far-reaching network to support customers wherever they are based. Contact our experienced sales engineers today.

Dust separators

Filtering centrifuges, decanters, continuous, automatic


Magnetic separators

Mobile filtration units


Ultrasonics for solids

Vibrating Separators

Vibrating sieves

Russell Finex – United Kingdom

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