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Stand E254
Enclosure La Farga de L'Hospitalet

Pg. Asteasu (sector G) parcelas 99-100
20018 – Asteasu

POLIFLUOR, S.L. founded in 1971 is devoted to the marketing and manufacture of engineering plastic products for industrial purposes. We are specialized in PTFE (TEFLON®) and its derivates (FEP, PFA, etc.) as well as in other polymers such as Nylon, Acetal Resin, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVDF, CELAZOLE®, TORLON®, PEEK, FLUOROSINT®, etc. We advice about the use of one or another regarding the working conditions of the application to achieve improved productivity an a more effective solution.

Assembly accessories


Components for transport plants

Plastics for plants and machinery

Silos Components

Spindle endless

Mecanización de piezas terminadas bajo plano o muestra para la industria en general en plásticos técnicos de ingeniería.. Garantizamos perfectos acabados y tolerancias muy ajustadas, desde pequeñas cantidades (incluso prototipos) hasta grandes series. – Spain

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