Interview with Juli Simón
Director of the first Virtual
International Fair of Technology for the Industrial Process

What is a virtual fair?

An event that adapts the new relationships between companies that are currently being imposed, where the face-to-face is replaced by the digital. A virtual fair is a new form of interaction that allows us to establish online relationships with professionals from anywhere in the world through real person-person connections.

What are the benefits of a visitor in a virtual fair?

There are many, I would summarize them in the following points:

  • Information: In a virtual fair you can analyze and download all the information of interest from the exhibiting companies
  • Communication: In a virtual fair you can contact thousands of “real” professionals with a single click
  • Zero Cost: No trips, no hotels … you can visit virtual fairs comfortably seated. Visits to virtual fairs are normally free.
  • Global: Virtual fairs are events that facilitate internationalization since there are no borders on the internet.
  • Easy: To enter the virtual fair, all you need is a computer, mobile or tablet with an internet connection.

Where did the idea of ​​holding the first Virtual International Fair of Technology for the Industrial Process come from?

The pandemic caused by Covid 19 has radically transformed the way we work and interact that we had until February 2020. We have entered a new stage that we are still assuming and making the changes that it imposes on us. Teleworking, videoconferences with suppliers and clients, the digitization of companies, the fear of social contact, which makes us flee from large events and closed spaces. The use of the mask. We are more aware of the need for good hygiene and that there are viruses everywhere. In short, we have been forced in record time to adapt to what has been called the new reality imposed by the pandemic.

After describing this new social and business framework, there are things that I think are here to stay once the fears caused by Covid 19 have been overcome. Videoconferences to communicate with suppliers and customers represent a very important saving of money and time, and with 5G and technological improvements will be an instrument that companies will use more and more. This will lead to a digitization of companies in order to have adequate tools in communications. Likewise, the industrial and commercial marketing strategies of industrial companies will change.

It is at this juncture that I describe where the first Virtual International Fair of Technology for the Industrial Process fits like a glove, which is the sum of three events:

  • EXPOSOLIDOS, International Exhibition of Technology and Solid Processing
  • POLUSOLIDOS, International Exhibition of Fluid Technology and Process
  • EXPOFLUIDOS, International Exhibition of Technology for Dedusting and Filtration

An event whose original idea was evidently born due to the difficulty of holding EXPOSOLIDOS, POLUSOLIDOS and EXPOFLUIDOS in person on the scheduled date of February 2021 due to the evolution of the Covid19 pandemic. Faced with this impossibility and given the need to establish communication channels between customers and suppliers, the Organizing Committees of the three events in an extraordinary joint meeting, unanimously decided two things:

  1. Hold a virtual event on February 10 and 11, 2021 (where each stand will have multiple functions that will allow transferring the information of each exhibiting company and interacting quickly, directly and easily)
  2. Hold a face-to-face event, at La Farga de L’Hospitalet and La Fira de Cornellà, on February 1, 2 and 3, 2022

What will I find in the first International Virtual Fair of Technology for the Industrial Process?

The best international offer of technology for any industrial process:

The best national and international brands and companies:

  • More than 100 international exhibitors
  • More than 500 brands, the world leaders

How will the stands of the first International Virtual Fair of Technology for the Industrial Process be?

The companies will have their stands as in a face-to-face fair. It is incredible what technology currently allows you in the field of virtual programming and web programming. There are solutions for everything that we have proposed to our programmers (it is a product that we have developed internally). We have tried to transfer the logic of a face-to-face event to a virtual one, but at the same time we have taken advantage of everything that technology offers today.

We have developed a virtual fair model that allows a real interaction between the visitor and the exhibitor in a single click and with five different communication channels. And we have generated instruments to make this interaction more useful, where both the visitor and the exhibitor can share any document in whatever format and interact on top of it and then save it, to give an example.

We have also generated the supports so that all the information about the company and its offer of products and services is properly displayed, visible and that professional visitors can take it with them.

How have companies welcomed this initiative?

nly exhibitors from EXPOSOLIDOS 2022, POLUSOLIDOS 2022 and EXPOFLUIDOS 2022 can exhibit at the first International Virtual Fair of Technology for the Industrial Process. It is a project that includes two events: a virtual one on February 10 and 11, 2021 and a face-to-face one from February 1 to 3, 2022 at La Farga de L’Hospitalet i Fira de Cornellà. The exhibitors have understood that the virtual fair is necessary both due to the limitations that they are encountering to visit their clients and suppliers in person, and because they accept that virtual communications are being imposed in the business world.

I am not exaggerating if I say that the exhibitors have enthusiastically welcomed the first International Virtual of technology Fair for the Industrial Process, due to its opportunity, necessity and above all because they have been convinced by the technological project that defines the event. There are already more than 120 exhibitors who have formalized their registration.