7 reasons to participate in EXPOSOLIDOS

  • To make new contacts.
  • Loyalty to their customers:
    With a public relations strategy in EXPOSOLIDOS.
    Make your customer feel it is important to your business.
  • Doing business:
    the professional who visits EXPOSOLIDOS is because it has a technological need related to solid and go to the fair to find and study solutions. Visitors to EXPOSOLIDOS are involved in the buying decision.
  • Networking:
    an important part of the business is based on personal relationships. The “personal chemistry” remains important.
  • Promotion of Brand:
    “to be or not to be”, not being at the fair in the sector create questions about the company that does not participate.

  • Innovation:
    EXPOSOLIDOS is the place to present the latest technology.
  • Company Image:
    many customers and potential customers as well as sectorial agents just going to have your booth at EXPOSOLIDOS as the image of your company because they don’t know your offices.

2 inconfessable reasons to participate in EXPOSOLIDOS

  • Your competition is going to participate.
  • Your customers will visit the fair.